Famous Actresses Priyanka Chopra Jonas Has Three Tattoos Dedicated To Her Adorable Dogs


Each and every individual who’s consistently loved a canine realizes that affection is everlasting, regardless of whether your time with them isn’t. Numerous individuals decide to represent this eternity love with something somewhat longer-enduring: tattoos. This ink on skin fills in as a tribute and regular remainder of our love with the fluffy guys.

In recent times world discovered that famous Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas has three small paw-print tattoos, on her ankle each devoted to one of her (and spouse Nick Jonas’) canines. Hubby/pop vocalist Jonas posted a photograph of his better half’s tattoos to his Instagram story, taking care to tag all of their canines as well: Diana the Chihuahua, Gino the German Shepherd, and Panda the blue and brown-eyed Shepherd/Husky mix.


All the dogs have their own Instagram accounts with a larger number of followers than a normal individual might at any point hope to acquire: @diariesofdiana, @ginothegerman, and @pandathepunk. These accounts are routinely updated with a lot of photographs of the puppies exclusively and hanging with their siblings and popular parents..

Jonas once kidded to People about their canines’ dynamic web-based media lives:

We love to see our children be successful out there having all the experience they ought to. We’re stage guardians, essentially!

Regardless of how popular you are, a dog lover will always be a dog lover. They might be small, however the tattoos are a charming way to show how much this affection implies.


These five make a particularly adoring, cheerful family… or would it be a good idea for me to say pack? Jonas told People:

It’s truly unique, the association we have to our canines, and creatures and pets. It’s sort of this incomprehensible thing that I believe is truly significant.

Chopra and Jonas have been married since 2018, with Diana previously having a place with Chopra before their marriage. Gino joined the family as a anniversary present. The couple adopted Panda and showed him to the world in 2020.


Raising three canines isn’t simple, yet the individuals who have a family this size will in general concur what it takes. You’ll need to follow the entirety of the Instagram accounts for the most recent pupdates.


H/T: People


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