New Pixie And Brutus Comics Where Pixie Caught Thief This Time


I am sure you have already heard of world famous comic series named Pixie And Brutus. As all of you most likely know, this comic series have been able to gather 2.5m followers on Instagram and it’s growing day by day.

As the name proposes, the main characters of the comic are Pixie, the honest feline, and Brutus, the big German Shepherd. The comic spins around the unlikely companionship of the two characters and how Brutus has a soft side for Pixie despite the fact that he’s an big and tough dog with a scar all over.

If you have not been familiar with this comics series, we have compiled a list of some Pixie And Brutus comics that will lift your mood immediately. Scroll down to see these funny comics by yourself.










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