This Cat Loves To Steal Neighbor’s Shoe, His Owner Created A Facebook Group To Return The Footwear


Chasing, irritating the dog, out of all the races this feline could have picked, he committed himself to the life of robbery. Anyway, now, it would appear that his owner is offering some kind of reparation for the cat’s offenses.

BJ Ross, owner of the cat who lives in Altoona, Pennsylvania, created a Facebook group to let people know of her pet feline Jordan’s disgusting habits: taking their neighbors’ shoes. As indicated by WTAJ, the six-pound, high contrast kitty is continually going out during the night and getting back with plunder in its jaws.

Ross thinks social media will assist with restoring the footwear to its relevant owners, yet has additionally made Jordan popular and now the entire world thinks about his antics.

Here’s the video hilariously embarrassing the cat

Source : WTAJ TV

Jordan steals all footwear that he can get

Image Source : Bj Ross

His owner daily find new shoes

He has collected over 50

Jordan is proud of his collection

After knowing Jordan’s bad habits, his owner put GPS tracker on him to get aware of his every night journey

As per Jordan’s GPS tracker, this determined criminal keeps up an enormous region that envelops different visits to houses everywhere on over the area. This could be on the grounds that Jordan likes to give his owner complete sets, however, being a feline can just convey each shoe in turn. A lesser feline thief may locate this restricting, yet not Jordan. Besides, he gets ready for his daily misfortunes with bunches of proactive resting.

He walks at least 7-9 miles each night

Ross also installed a hidden camera to keep an eye on Jordan’s misadventures

Ross created a Facebook group, where people can talk about Jordan and his offenses

Here’s how people reacted over Jordan’s activities. They absolutely loved him

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