For Several Months, This Woman Kept Dropping Off Her Dog At Office, Considering It As A Daycare


No pet owner would like to see their four-legged companion alone while they’re at work. We are well known of the separation anxiety and other stuff like that, and on pet owner would like to see their pets in that situation.

Because of doggie sitters and daycares, you would now be able to ensure your pupper is totally cherished and being cared properly with while you’re getting things done.

However, since pet friendly workplaces are the places, that genuinely may seem as though a dog daycare to an outsiders. Believe me I work at one of such office.

Story is about a a dog named Otis and his owner who’s an office worker. Scroll down and read this crazy story by yourself.

 Image Source : patchattack (not the actual photo)

Story is about an office worker who thought her office as a daycare and leaves her dog there

A recent report on what effect canines have on employees, released in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management and directed by scientists at the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Human-Animal Interaction, demonstrated some astounding outcomes. It ended up, having canines around while at work has numerous and predictable advantages for employees in all scopes of fields.

Do friendly environments likewise ended up being an extraordinary path for selecting millennial laborers, known as a pet-adoring generation.

People couldn’t believe this loving story


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