This Obsessed Dog Walker Started Acting Insanely And went On A Text Rant After Being Fired From Her Job


First of all, they are unimaginably charming and we surely can’t even think of living without our puppers. It’s shocking how rapidly a dog can turn into a part of your family. You’d care for your dog similarly as you would care for your own kid.

It resembles we will undoubtedly get attached to dogs regardless of whether you own them and there’s definitely no way around it. Nonetheless, being connected to even another person’s dog is totally fine but when that connection transforms into obsession, that is the place where things become alarming.

Today, we will be sharing a story of a young lady who had one of the most creepiest experience with a canine walker that she hired. We comprehend that being a dog walker is perhaps the best task to exist on earth for dog lovers. However, this woman, she accepted the position way too severely and began acting all frightening when she was informed that she has been terminated from the work and her services aren’t needed any longer.

After she got terminated, she proceeded to yell about it on her Twitter account and that truly, is one of the most cringeworthy rants you should have at any point read in your life. Don’t believe? Start looking over and you are the judge now.


Jeez… that is SO frightening! That is to say, we comprehend that this young lady developed a bond with the dog however you can’t make yourself look that dreadful. Any dog owner could never let her touch her with that sort of attitude. The manner in which she is being frantic most certainly didn’t give us a good vibe.

Anyway, we were not by any means the only one’s who imagined that this was strange and hilarious AF. Indeed, even individuals on Twitter just couldn’t handle themselves. Some of them offered mocking remarks and some of them even came for the rescue! Well.. what would we be able to say, it’s a free world we live in and you have to deal with all the perceptions ! However, let’s see the responses.









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