Artist Creates Illustrations That Shows Disney Princesses With Service Dogs To Raise Awareness For Disabled People


Through time we have seen various varieties in fan-made animations. Sometimes they get motivated by something, and at later they are diversely themed to make something totally new/interesting.

Anyway, few out of every odd artist covers everything in their fine art. For example, there aren’t many fan-made animations that bring issues to light for impaired individuals and encourage their acceptance.

However, big thanks to the artist named Arien Smith who created Disney Series of Royal Service Dogs. Arien is also motivational speaker, instructor and advocates for mental health and disability rights. We get to see art work that represents every one of those experiencing a health issues.


#1 Cinderella

#2 Snow White

#3 Tiana

#4 Belle

#5 Pocahontas

#6 Rapunzel

#7 Sleeping Beauty


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