Blind Woman Was Asked To Remove Her Guide Dog From Public Transport For Being Black


As strange it might sound, this incident really occurred on a public transport. Some people can keep quiet and argue over small things. They definitely need to make a fuss over the most littlest of things without understanding the circumstance. Dogs are man’s dearest companion. They accompany various of advantages and we can’t envision the world without these delightful little species.

We went through a story of a young lady named Megan Taylor, who experienced a serious head injury when she was 15 years of age. The head injury brought about some genuine clinical issues also. Poor Megan needed to confront hearing misfortune, frequent fainting episodes, impaired balance and blindness. Unfortunately it turned into a part of her everyday life which just couldn’t be kept away from.

While asking Megan, she told, I can temporarily lose my sight without warning, which is genuinely frightening. In any event, when I can see I become so dazed and disoriented when strolling that I knock into obstacles and trip over things. That’s the point at which she chose to adopt a dog, Rowley.

Rowley is a 2 years of age dark Labrador who might assist Megan with completing her every day tasks and assist her with working like an normal person. Rowley assisted Megan with getting dressed, untying her shoes, removing the clothes from machine or calling for help at whatever point it’s required.

Credit : The Liverpool Echo

Megan who turns out to be 22 years of age at this point, utilizes public transport to go alongside her puppy, Rowley. Up to this point she needed to stand up to an arrogant stranger, a lady, who had the nerve to call Megan out for bringing a dog inside the transport, however it didn’t end there. There’s something else to it.

When Megan got into the transport, the lady shouted, Why would that be a f***ing dog on the transport? Get it off!. At first Megan tried to deal the lady with persistence and told her that it’s her guide dog and she can’t work without him. Yet, the lady considered Megan a liar and said, guide dogs are yellow, not dark.

Like genuinely, would you say you are no doubt? How might you even differentiate between an guide or a conventional canine dependent on their breed or color!? These sort of individuals are all that is the issue with the world!

Anyway, Megan actually showed obstruction and attempted to clarify the woman that guide dogs have nothing to do with a breed or a color. In any case, the arrogant lady actually continued to talk and surprisingly disparaged Megan. She let me know I was off-base. I chose now there was nothing I could say to instruct this lady and that it did not worth my time. I rather decided to overlook her while she kept on running her mouth.

Megan depends on Rowley and he makes her to have a sense of security and sure, particularly while she is making a trip to a public spot.

According to Megan, this wasn’t her first terrible experience utilizing the public transport. She added, I don’t think I’ve at any point had a calm trip on public transport, that is the reason I’m so anxious when utilizing it now,. Megan told that there were events where individuals even stepped over, attempted to push her far removed and most strangely, blamed her for being drunk!

In spite of all that she needs to go as the day progressed, Megan concludes that she would stay positive!

I always look to remain positive and not let these incidents get me down on the grounds that I am not embarrassed about my disability. After having such countless bad experiences, I realize that these individuals are the minority. Most people are good and kind.

Credit : The Liverpool Echo

It’s truly tragic that these sort of individuals actually exist who are simply so sharp substantiating themselves right and making a fuss over everything! Notwithstanding, we have huge regard for Megan and her lovely dog Rowley, who are certainly succeeding at life! Share your thoughts over this incidents in the comments below.


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