10+ Hilariously Cute Comics About Dogs That Illustrates Why Dogs Are Called Men’s Best Friend


Being a dog owner mean you need to face great deal of good and bad times. The responsibility of having a little pet you’re liable for is immediately overshadowed by the sheer measure of true love you feel towards your fluffy friend. An dog lover adopted a dog named Buddy, and they would regularly envision discussions with him to show his love for the dog.

They collaborated with an artist who known by K to make a series of comics illustrating the life of a Buddy and his companions. They started from entertaining cases of Buddy with the cat in the house, to more serious feelings of what life would resemble when Buddy grows old and passes away.

All things considered, these comics address a wide scope of feelings and sentiments that the artist and the owner have, and unmistakably it’s relates to thousands. He currently has 130K followers on Instagram!

To get you more familiar with it and to entertain you we have compiled a list of few of his comics that are enough to change your whole mood. So scroll down to find it below.

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