8 New Pixie And Brutus Comics That Are Enough To Lift Your Mood


The man behind this world famous comic is Ben Head. Pixie is a small, playful, agile kitten, says Ben Head. He is innocent and oblivious to the serious and risky things around him. The dog you see in the comics is called Brutus. Compared to the pixie, he is an good German Shepherd.

He was adopted by the owner of Pixie after he retired as a military working dog (MWD). Brutus is in many ways the opposite of Pixie. He sees a lot for him. He is a very serious and scary military dog, but she is affectionate towards Pixie and does everything to protect her from the harsh realities of the world around her.

At first, when this comic was released, Ben had not expected to make this a series, yet because of the staggering reaction he got on this work, he chose to try it out, and we’re certainly happy that he did! The web totally loved both the characters, Pixie and Brutus, and needed more. So Ben conveyed.

We can’t hold back to share this astounding content to you, so how about we begin looking to perceive any reason why this comic series is perhaps the best thing to happen to the web!

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