Artist Draws Cute Posters That Shows The Origin Of 200+ Dog Breeds


Have you ever tired to know where your dog’s ancestors lived? Thanks to the famous illustrator named Lili Chin who has answered this question by creating cute posters and named this series as Dogs Of the world, that shows 200 dog breeds, classified by their places of origin. So you’re gonna find Cute doggies and educational experience in a single package!

Although she simply finished this series, Lili Chin is already performing on a brand new project known as The Mutt Collection. She states on her Etsy page that she is excited by the success of her posters and perhaps, if she receives enough support, she may do a cat breed series too!

All of those series posters, plenty of more, can be seen on Lili’s Etsy store. If you liked her work. Scroll down to see the origin of amazing dog breeds. I am sure you had no idea of it before going through these posters. It can be thriller to your friends and family members.

So share it with those who you think need to know about this.

More info: | Etsy (h/t: laughingsquid)

















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