Australian Firefighters Posing With Animals To Raise Funds, These Hot Pics Are Gonna Start Fires


I don’t think there would be any better way to help stray animals than raising funds for them. Provided that the hot folks are up for the photoshoot! The main cause is not to show off their packs, they are doing this to raise funds for the animals.

Since 1993, the Land Down Under has been gracing us each fall with a (in a real sense) smoking abundance of rock-hard abs, biceps of steel, and charming creatures, and the most recent release positively doesn’t frustrate. You have your decision between hot firemen posing with zoo creatures, hot firemen holding little dogs, or simply hot firemen being hot, and – favored be – they offer global shipping.

The funds are going to the Children’s Hospital Foundation, so you could likewise arrange every one of the three of the fire fighters calendars, you know, for the kids.

We have put together some of the most hottest pics of firefighters with animals posing for photoshoot for charity purpose. Scroll down to find these hotties that are gonna leave you shocked.

More info: Australian Firefighters Calendar















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