Artist Hilariously Mixed Up Famous Dog Breeds With Bakery Items And The Results Are Adorable


There are so many ways of showing love for something. It’s up to you which way you go. Depends largely on character of a person. If the person is shy, he will be afraid of expressing his love all the time. But when someone is confident, he will not wait for a moment, In fact he will create the one. Showing love to someone is like you just put your heart out and placed it in front of that person.

However people have obsession on different things. Some people are mad in love with their partners, some love to go around the world, some loves nature. No matter what you’re in love with, we show it by one way or other. Most common platform to show it is our social media accounts. Whatever we love, it would be part of your Instagram posts or stories for sure.

Anyway there’s a talented artist named Garu Rumon who has already obsessed everyone with his amazing artwork. No doubt he’s already done so many of great work, but the attention he got from the series we are gonna talk about can’t be ignored. Garu comes up with something interested and entertaining project, where he mixed up dogs with the food items and results and just pawdorable.

We have compiled a few of the illustrations from the project created by Garu that will make you fall in love with the mastery the master. Scroll down to see. If you find it interested and funny share it with those whom you wanna see smiling forever.

Source : comicalgaru



















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