Woman Throws A Puppy At A Guy Who Didn’t Give It Back To Her


What if someone throws a puppy towards you? We are almost sure that your first intention would be to give that person a taste of his own medicine. However when the person is of opposite gender, that you’re dealing with, that as well, there isn’t a lot of that you can do.

We went over a Karen Happening which circulated around the web all around the world. It’s about a mentally disturbed lady who chose to bother a person while she was carrying a pup in her arms. The person was a rapper named Glo Mula and he made a video of the whole incident and shared onto his social media account. As expected, people went crazy about it.

Woman was carrying a little Belgian Malinois doggy with no care on the planet and starts bothering the rapper while preventing him from getting once more into his vehicle.

She didn’t simply attempt to prevent him from getting into his vehicle as she walked about with the helpless little doggo in her arms. At the point when Glo Mula found out if the little doggy belongs to her or not, she got mad and tossed the pup at his face in the most bad manner.

He didn’t simply save a helpless little life yet even set up a GoFundMe to raise $3,000 for Movie’s necessities and as expected, individuals supported generously. He amazingly reached the target inside 8 hours as it were! It’s truly fulfilling to see that great and kind individuals actually exist in real where individuals cannot be trusted as tossing a little pup.

Need to realize something stunning? The rapper, Glo Mula, chose to make an Instagram account also for his fuzzy little companion and let us advise you, that is without a doubt a treat to watch. Movie has as of now accumulated around 220,000 followers on his Instagram! Definitely, and we can’t get even 1000 followers. In any case, hello, we are glad for the pupper!

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