Tweeter User Reimagined Dogs As Twilight Characters And It’s Absolutely Hilarious (12 Pics)


This application called Twitter is providing its users such a lot of entertainment, individuals there are continually coming up with the most humorous thoughts and jokes that are continually becoming a web sensation, making so many individuals’ days more pleasant. To bring happiness on someone’s face is everything thing an individual can do.

That is the reason we have chosen to make you laugh and lift your mood in case you are having an awful day by providing you with the most engaging content we can discover on the web. Fortunately, we went over this Twitter user’s account which makes us laugh at their special way of making images, I should say it is interesting and adorable simultaneously.

In case you have ever considered what twilight characters would resemble as dogs, which I don’t figure anybody might at any point consider something to that effect however regardless of whether anybody of you did then today is your day.

We are here to fullfill your dream of seeing dogs playing as twilight characters as we have gone over this entertaining Twitter thread. It is really silly however we love all that dogs related and I am sure you will likewise adore these pictures once you see them. Continue to look down to see them yourself.

Source : @twilightreborn


Image Credit: @twilightreborn













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