10+ Doggos Chilling In Water And Proving Everyone Wrong Who Thinks Dogs Hate Bathtime


The most improbable place you could at any point find your dog in is a bathtub. Dog owners know pretty well how difficult it is to take their furry kids to the bathtub. All the dogs on planet earth commonly prefer not to take bath and consistently look for a way to get away from one. They would evade you by 100 different ways while heading to bath.

They prefer to stay stinky and dirty than being washed over and get cleaned. This is the dog logic for keeping away from the showers obviously. Every one of the dogs generally dislike cleaning up. Thus, you must be truly smart and consistent to accomplish this task.

Yet, there are a few dogs who are rule breakers and are really seen washing up and chilling in baths. Presently on the off chance that they really appreciate it or are simply being compelled to do it, you will choose.

We have compiled a list of few of these rare doggos who were seen chilling in the bathtubs and it’s totally shocking. Well, thanks to the owners who captured these rare moments otherwise no one would have believe on it. Scroll down to see by yourself.


Image Credit: a_dog_named_dilly via Instagram


Image Credit: billyboy_obrien via Instagram


Image Credit: kevv.the.labrador via Instagram


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