Father Illustrates The Never Ending Bond Between His Baby & Their Dog In Hilarious Comics


Being a dad is not an easy as it looks. You need to ensure your kid is taken care of, fed, cherished, and all that great stuff that comes with being a parent, yet it’s not generally that simple.

Sometimes, there’s a ton of stress and headache as well, however that is the value you pay for having a kid. It is your duty to care for them since you’re the one who bring them to this world. Anyway, consider the possibility that rather than simply a kid, you had a dog as well. That is the place where this comic series comes in.

Composed and illustrated by the artist named Nate Anderson, the creative mind behind BoyAndDogComic, he is playing a role of dad, a husband, and a dog owner in real life. As many dog owners know, their pets are like babies to them. It resembles living with a lot of of feelings, yet imagine a scenario where rather than simply a dog, or rather than simply a child, you had both simultaneously.

Whenever we think of a relation between dogs and babies, the first thing that comes into our minds is the BoyAndDogComics series. Nothing else is hilarious and complete enough as this series is. Artist perfectly illustrates the unseen adventures between his baby and their dog.

We have compiled a list of some of his comics that will show you how creative the artist is and how he sees the world. So scroll down to enter into the comic world.

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