Photographer Captures Journey Of Dogs From Puppyhood To Old Age (13 Pics)


Nobody wants their loved one to age. It is extremely obvious. Aging isn’t only a number turning upon itself each and every year, it’s an entire process of an individual.

The individual gradually begins losing their fitness, gets more inclined to medical conditions as the immune system becomes weaker, the bone strength dips under sufficient levels which expands the chances of bone fracture, and the recovery process gets drawn out too. It’s a simple period of life and individuals in the advanced age group which is mainly considered as the population that is at or over the age of 65. Loads of affection and support are needed to get through this phase of life.

The entirety of this doesn’t simply apply to people. It’s a natural cycle that each living being needs to go through, and this process of aging likewise includes animals. Animals age too. The normal life span of creatures change a considerable amount from each other.

Elephants have a normal life span of 70 contrasted with a doggo who has a normal life span of just 22 years. Furthermore, obviously, there are varieties inside the breeds also. Take a French Mastiff, for example, it just has a life span of 5 to 8 years. And afterward there’s this Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest-living dog in the world. The record is very nearly 30 years.

Aging is not a simple cycle for a third individual to witness. Particularly, with the ones they love. People, and pets. Particularly, dogs. An individual adopts a pet pupper in the desire to spend their life with them and you witness everything. Their moods, joy, love, wounds, mentality, and aging also.

We have come up with something different today. You guys are gonna experience what aging does to dogs. Here are some pics of doggos that have been placed side by side to illustrates their journey from puppy to a aging dog. So scroll down to see and appreciate these senior dogs.

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#1 Left : 5 years, Right : 10 years.

#2 Left 11 months & 5 years, Right : 7 years & 12 years

#3 Left : 2 years, Right : 10 years.

#4 Left : 16 & 5 months, Right : 10 & 9 years.

#5 Left : 6 months, Right : 13 years.

#6 Left : 4 months, Right: 8 years.

#7 Left : 3 years, Right : 10 years.

#8 Left : 3 years, Right : 12 years.

#9 Left : 8 months, Right 15 years.

#10 Left : 1 year, Right : 10 years.

#11 Left : 2 years, Right : 11 years.

#12 Left : 1 year, Right : 7 years.

#13 Left : 7 & 6 years, Right : 14 & 13 years.



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