Meet Adorable Akita Dog Who Has Obsessed Everyone With His Heart Shaped Face


All creatures are wonderful and have the right to be valued. Nonetheless, once in a while the mother nature chooses to astonish us with a miracle child from time to time. Just infrequently do we at any point go over a creature with exceptionally remarkable fur markings or body shapes.

While the facts really confirm that all creatures are extraordinary in their own particular manner, some attracts us more because of their uncommon appearances. It isn’t each day that you run over a lovable doggo that has a heart-formed face. We have known about cats and dogs with fur markings that resemble hearts yet we have never seen any that have a face shape that makes it resemble a heart!

We are going to meet you with a miracle baby doggo named Bob Yanagida is a 10-month-old long-haired Akita that lives in Japan. Bob has an extremely exceptional heart-formed face, which resembles a heart mainly because of his ears. The doggo is no question a brilliant sight to see! Bob has over 6.5k fans on his Instagram and individuals love to remain update on this exceptional little doggo.

We have compiled some pictures of Bob whose unique appearance have made everyone fan of him. I am sure after seeing the pics you’ll follow him on Instagram straight away. Scroll down to see his amazing heart shaped face.

More Info: Instagram | YouTube


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