Artist Draws Funny Comics That Illustrates Her Daily Life With Her Husband And Their Dog (10+ Comics)


Meet a 30-year-old Chinese comic artist from Hong Kong Bonnie Pang, the individual behind the famous webcomic series called the ITguyARTgirl. Some may familiar with the artist already as she is represented by the Astound organization.

Nonetheless, one ought not neglect, that Bonnie is an creative talent that loves to draw illustrations that incorporate astonishing, entertaining, and relatable ordinary circumstances including her husband and their canine Milky. The entirety of this, particularly added to Pang’s imaginative visual style, makes for a splendid blend that can put a smile all over right away.

We have compiled a list of some of her mostly praised comics that will make you believe what we are talking about. Comics are her main weapon and she will never fail you. Scroll down and dive into the ocean of comics.

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To start with, we inquired as to whether she had any significant impacts in her daily life that might’ve assisted her with creating and refine her style.

I adored reading comics since I was young, particularly the cut of-life type, for example, Old Master Q, Sanmoao, and 牛仔. These are altogether well known comic stories in Hong Kong, the city where I live. At the point when I was more older and begun reading on the web comics, I delighted in Zen Pencils and Grin Brush, which were longer comics with more significant messages. These comics steadily propelled me to make my own comics Thunder Street Journal, and IT Guy and Art Girl, making both hilarious and endearing stories.

That’s how she responded.






























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