10+ Times When Animals Took Selfies That Are Much Better Than Human Selfies


Whatever people do, animals can do it in better way. That is a generally accepted fact. Animals can humiliate the entirety of our activities and accomplishments since they can undoubtedly top it. With their cuteness, they can achieve anything. Now and then they get things done without knowing about it and they totally nail it.

Take these animals selfies for instance. We as a whole realize they aren’t by any means selfies yet they look precisely like them. These delightful cats and dogs can put any Instagram model to disgrace.

Possibly these fur stars ought to have their own Instagram accounts as well. I’m sure they will get a great deal of fan following. I realize I will be one of those to follow. Who might leave behind the chance to take a gander at cats and dogs modelling? We sure are fortunate to be living these days.

We have compiled a list of animals who were seen taking selfies and believe me, their selfies are much better than human selfies taken by humans. Scroll down to take a look at this by yourself.


Image credits: Aksidents


Image credits: pI2upp888


Image credits: jameshworm


Image credits: FunnyLand


Image credits: Katias1


Image credits: JacquesStefano


Image credits: DemonPan1


Image credits: worriedwhippet


Image credits: anju_beaute_paris


Image credits: danaperino


Image credits: buldogue_chico


Image credits: islandnc16


Image credits: soypepitarules


Image credits: aripanzer


Image credits: roxy.irsk.setter


Image credits: ellie.corgi.by


Image credits: yoremahm


Image credits: toulousesworld


Image credits: toulousesworld


Image credits: rogerandrussell


Image credits: gatosnoap


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