Stray Dog Disrupted The Shoot To Help the Actor Who Was Pretending To Be Injured


During a drama shoot in Tukey, people were gathered and watching the live shoot, but pne dog was living that moment. Actor Numan Ertuğrul Uzunsoy was laying on the floor, acting injured. Obviously, the injury was affectation.

Character that I played was injured and in incredible pain, Uzunsoy disclosed to The Dodo. He’d tumbled off a horse, and was hardly breathing.

However, a dog who was present there watching the shoot closely wasn’t completely sure of it, so he burst into the scene to explore. Uzunsoy was doing such a great job, the little guy figured it wasn’t only his character yet the man himself who was in a tough situation. He decided to help Uzunsoy and cuddled directly close to him, consoling the actor. Fortunately for the remainder of the world, the inspiring moment was recorded.

Actor felt warmth on his face when dog approached him. He thought it was his coaster approaching him

The moment when dog kisses, i was extremely happy. It seems to me like an angle helping me out of a critical situation. It was very heart touching moment for me. I was not anticipating it.

People loved the adorable connection

Cast members loved the emotional scenes

One of the team member accompanied the sweet canine offstage, where it stayed for some time. In the wake of ensuring the hurt man was OK, it walked away. Uzunsoy, then again, thinks the gathering that day is the principal demonstration of their story.

He desires to meet with the stray dog and assist him with finding a permanent home, giving back for the graciousness he showed.

The following day I went to a similar spot, searching for him. Individuals revealed to me he normally hangs out there. I went again today, Uzunsoy said. I’ll search for him until I discover him. I love animals.

That’s how people reacted over the heartwarming scenes.

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