These Dog Playing Cards Have Most Amazing Illustrations Ever


Individuals say they love dogs constantly, however does it truly mean anything in the event that you don’t have dog themed playing a game of cards? Regardless of whether you’re playing poker, solitaire, doing some magic tricks, picking your neighbor’s lock, or whatever other fun activities you do with playing a card game, you would now be able to do everything with little doodled puppies glancing back at you.

John Littleboy is San Franciscan based artist. He is the man behind this project and also owns an online playing card shop by the name Artiphany. Shared by a artist’s creative mind, these customary playing a card game are a little box of fortune, he expounds on the canine-motivated set on his site. Cute, simply sketched critters have been Littleboy’s forte since 2010, and he likewise offers a scope of cheeky greeting cards – arranged by creature and event, obviously

Mix through Pack of Dogs below, yet be careful – typical playing a game of cards may never appear to be cool again.

More info: Artiphany



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